Convince Your Boss!

We get asked every year how we can help sell this event to employers so that they will 1. give you the time off and 2. maybe even cover your trip... Here's a few tips to talk to your boss.

Cater to Your Boss's Interests

Would attending talks that could help educate, inspire, and reimagine the way your team does business have a chance to reignite some fires in your team's culture, moral, and way of thinking? Would attending some of the workshops help you learn new skills that would make you better at your job, more efficient, produce higher caliber work, and help elevate the company? Tell them that!

Plan for Time Away from Work

Come to the table prepared to talk about any time away you may need for the event. Let them know that you can put in some extra hours and get ahead of any work while you are gone. This will help alleviate concerns of your absence.

Never Stop Learning

Attending Creative South changes your mindset when you return to work. You feel refueled and focused in a different way that may help you and your team/company push through new heights. You'll be exposed to the best folks in the industry and fireside chats with such talented individuals and all around good human beings helps you continue to learn and grow as a designer, creative and all around person.