Hey Creative South Family and new family members,

We hope you understand that it is very important that you purchase an event ticket if you plan to purchase and attend workshops. When our ticket system prints, it is via the primary ticket. It is very difficult to manage a workshop ticket only as well as cover the cost of the event that way. We want to continue to provide the best design conference possible and that is why we have this rule in place. For full disclosure, we do allow a few types of individuals to purchase workshop only tickets. This includes high school students where the attendance is arranged via a parent or teacher and local officials who want to experience some of what Creative South is like. This helps us gather the funding we need. Please don't blame Mike! Mr. Hug Necks himself wants to accommodate every request. I am the bad guy, but I have done this for the good of everyone who attends Creative South. If you have a problem or questions, please contact me directly at sandy@creativesouth.com.