Creative South is a weekend of creative thinking, collaboration, and exploration. Attendees enjoy workshops, talks focused on process and experience, and meeting old friends as well as making new ones. Our goal is to connect you to folks in the industry and the design community. Our ULTIMATE goal is for you to have a great time and explore our awesome city. So as we say at Creative South, “Hug necks! Come as friends and leave as family. Word!”



Creative South was birthed from two men’s desire to drink coffee, eat donuts, and talk shop. The now conference was created from humble beginnings of about 20 people and a few fold out tables in our local hotel meeting room. Thanks to the determination, vision, and passion for the design community, “the guys” (our beloved Mike Jones being one of them) decided to expand. They assembled a team and found a larger venue. In 2013 close to 200 of our friends showed up for our first official Creative South. Since then we have over doubled our participation!


This guy. Let me explain. There’s too much…let me sum up. Mike Jones is the founder of Creative South which is now housed under his design firm Serve Studios (more on that later). Mike has a deep Love for Jesus, his sweet wife & kids, being creative, drawing, designing and Logos! Throw in sports and food, especially good Southern BBQ – life doesn’t get any better for this guy! How would he describe his life? Simple: #Blessed
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You never see Mike when he doesn't have time to share a smile and a hug!

You never see Mike when he doesn't have time to share a smile and a hug!


Serve Studios serves (get it?) as Creative South’s big brother and main sponsor. Serve Studios is Big Mike’s aka Mike Jones design and advertising firm based in…you guessed it, Columbus, GA! Creative South now lives under the Serve Studios umbrella. As a southern company where it really does get that hot and folks really do say “y’all,” Mike and his team consider their business partnerships as relationships were every deal is sealed with a big ol’ bear hug and a glass of sweet tea. The Serve team takes their Church values, BBQ, and college football seriously – as seriously as they will take your business. Those values are also applied to their work with Creative South. Serve Studios specializes in meeting the logo, branding, and web needs for a variety of businesses. They’re passionate about ensuring your brand represents what you’re all about and is consistent across all of your platforms. The Serve team also loves collaborating with other agencies! http://servestudios.com/