16: Victor Yocco

Our guest this week is Victor Yocco. Victor is a User Experience Researcher working for EY-Intuitive out of Philadelphia. He has written several articles for the likes of A List Apart and Smashing Magazine and has recently written a book about User Experience Research called, Design for the Mind: Seven Psychological Principles of Persuasive Design.  We talk about how user experience research works within the context of design, the culture of alcohol in tech and agency settings, his own dealings with substance abuse, getting sober, and ways to address the underlying issue that lead to substance abuse.

Thanks for tuning in this week. You can find out more about Victor at victoryocco.com or follow him @VictorYocco on Twitter, and be sure to check out the show notes for more links to Victor’s writings. Now go out and Hug Some Necks!

Find out more about Victor by following him at these great places.

Design for the Mind: http://manning.com/books/design-for-the-mind use discount code yoccoppc to get 39% off the cover price

Article on alcohol abuse and design: https://modelviewculture.com/pieces/the-ux-of-alcohol-abuse-reflections-on-a-year-of-sobriety 

Vox.com on alcohol at work: http://www.vox.com/2015/8/3/9072737/alcoholic-at-work

Email: victoryocco@gmail.com