19: Ben Stafford

Our guest this week is Ben Stafford. Ben and his wife Beth own and run Foxmeadow Creative, an Ohio-based design studio specializing in brand identity, illustration, print, and digital graphics. We talk about growing up in Ohio, what it’s like to run a business with your spouse, why adoption is so important to him, and teaching online, all right after this.

Thanks for tuning in this week. You can find out more about Ben at foxmeadowcreative.com and benillustrated.com, or follow him on Instagram and Twitter @BenStafford86 and on Dribbble @BenStafford. Now go out and Hug Some Necks!

Find out more about Ben by following him at these great places.

Texture Classes: http://www.benillustrated.com/classes/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-stafford-3832a768