24: Bethany Heck


Our guest this week is Bethany Heck. Bethany is currently a creative lead for Microsoft’s Power BI team. Her work has been featured in New York MagazineThe New YorkerWiredSmashing MagazineUppercase Magazine and several other international publications. In addition to that, she runs Eephus League, an online shop dedicated to the fringes of baseball, and freelances under her company Heck House. Bethany and I talk about, growing up the child of a design professor, her love of baseball, the difference between being a designer and being a creative director, and much more.

You can find out more about Bethany on Twitter @EephusLeague or over at HeckHouse.com and be sure to check out the links in the show notes for more ways to keep up with her. Now go out and Hug Some Necks!




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