Side Projects In a Weekend. Make it. Share it.


Side Projects In a Weekend. Make it. Share it.


“How do you find time to make your side projects?”
This is the question both Syd and Shauna have received numerous times in their professional careers. The short answer is, they don’t find the time, they make the time. In this workshop, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn and Syd Weiler will share some of their quick turnaround side projects, such as illustrations they’ve created while streaming on Twitch and their iOS sticker sets. They will share various digital illustration techniques they use regularly to help speed up your workflow and tricks for coming up with projects on a short timetable (like a weekend) along with some ways to self start your projects. They will touch on everything from self starting, to creating and putting the work out there, to garnering other professional work and potentially monetizing the project itself.

With them you will make a set of 5 iOS sticker illustrations and leave the workshop with a plan and a deadline for a new side project of your own choosing to keep you creating.

For this workshop you will need:
Computer with Tablet (or ipad Pro, surface pro, cintiq, etc)

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