Complete the volunteer application below and we will get back to you when we start assigning positions. You will get a confirmation but we will not reach out to you until sometime in February! (Note: It's important for us to know if you have already purchased tickets. It's one of the questions. Volunteers receive a discount. Also, volunteer positions are limited so claim your spot early!)

Please note that when you provide us with requested times to volunteer we will try to accommodate you as much as possible but it is not a guarantee.  If you cannot serve in a time slot where we have a need then we will have to fill the position with someone who can.

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Arrival Date
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Some of the events will include the serving of alcoholic beverages. In order to plan properly for those under 21, please let us know if you fall into this group?
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We will make every effort to place you where you will most enjoy yourself. Describe that for us. Here's an example: "I would love to volunteer behind the stage where the action is. I love to meet people and am good at keeping people on schedule. I am best in the mornings, but not 6am. I am registered for two workshops so please schedule me around those.
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